Oncolytic Vectors Are the Next Wave of Immunotherapies


Oncorus’s armed oHSV selectively infects and replicates in tumor cells, eventually causing tumor cell lysis. Upon lysis, multiple “personalized” tumor antigens and therapeutic immune modulatory payloads are released into the local environment. Neoantigens and immune payloads stimulate and recruit immune cells to destroy local and distant tumors, resulting in a highly effective cancer therapeutic treatment.


Our platform provides potent oncolytic immunotherapies for malignant and benign tumors.

oncorus graphic.png

Superior Efficacy

Enhanced Safety

Robust Viral Potency


The Oncorus Next-generation oHSV Pipeline



Injected Tumor

  • Robust anti-tumor effect following direct injection of unarmed Oncorus oHSV

  • Even greater tumor regression with armed Oncorus oHSV


Contralateral Tumor

  • Modest abscopal response observed with unarmed oHSV

  • Robust abscopal effect observed in non-injected tumor with single immune payload