April 9, 2019

AACR Annual Meeting 2019 Presentations

Oncorus had four abstracts accepted for presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2019, which took place from March 29 through April 3, 2019 in Atlanta, GA.

Oral Presentation – ONCR-177 Preclinical Data

Preclinical data supporting the clinical advancement of our lead clinical candidate, ONCR-177, were featured in an oral presentation the meeting. The data demonstrated that intra-tumoral administration of ONCR-177 resulted in high partial and complete response rates on both injected and non-injected tumors in preclinical models of several tumor types, including immune-inert, or cold, tumors. Responses were durable, resulting in an extension of survival and the establishment of protective immunity against tumor re-challenge. View press release.

Poster Presentations

Our three poster presentations at the meeting highlighted proprietary innovations in potency and safety we have engineered into both our oncolytic herpes simplex virus platform as well as our novel synthetic oncolytic virus platform that enable best-in-class potential for our portfolio programs and the opportunity to pursue multiple tumor indications.  View and download posters below.

Design of ONCR-177 base vector, a next generation oncolytic herpes simplex virus type-1, optimized for robust oncolysis, transgene expression and tumor-selective replication
Authors: Edward M. Kennedy, Terry Farkaly, Prajna Behera, Allison Colthart, Caitlin Goshert, Judy Jacques, Kyle Grant, Peter Grzesik, Jennifer Lee, Laura Viggiano Salta, Lorenz Ponce, Caroline Web, Brian Haines, Agnieszka Denslow, Jacqueline Gursha, Mitchell Finer, Christophe Quéva, and Lorena Lerner

Development of ONCR-148, a miR-attenuated oncolytic HSV-1 designed to potently activate antitumor T cell response
Authors:   Agnieszka Denslow, Brian B. Haines, Michael S. Ball, Jacqueline Gursha, Daniel Wambua, Cecilia Kwong, Lingxin Kong, Allison Colthart, Prajna Behera, Peter Grzesik, Jennifer Lee, Terry Farkaly, Caitlin Goshert, Edward M Kennedy, Lorena Lerner, and Christophe Quéva

Development of ONCR-NEP, a lipid nanoparticle delivered oncolytic virus capable of robust in situ amplification resulting in tumor lysis and regression
Authors: Edward M. Kennedy, Jennifer Lee, Judy Jacques, Terry Farkaly, Prajna Behera, Peter Grzesik, Brian Haines, Agnieszka Denslow, Jacqueline Gursha, Lingxin Kong, Mitchell Finer, Christophe Quéva and Lorena Lerner

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